Here I am!

I just started a new blog and deleted the old one.  The main reason was because I wanted to be more discreet, so I can say things I really need to say, and not worry about who is reading!  So those of you who know who I am, that’s good-I want you to know.  And those who don’t…well if you really want to, leave me a message and I’ll email you for more private discussions-I’m always up for good conversation.  I will probably still post pics of me and my girl, but I won’t be posting of them of the stepson and my hubby (he’s completely NOT in the know about blogging and doesn’t “get” it).  If I do, I’ll lock those posts and make sure that the frequent readers have the ability to check it.  So for now, you get the pics of my old hair, and my new hair!  Which I LOVE!It was to the middle of my back, then right before Hawaii I had it cut to my shoulders.  Adorable, but still a bit straggly.  Now, I went all the way and it’s just a super cut.  Props out to my girl Patty.  She is amazing.  She’s always had a great way with my hair.  And now, I can straighten it and it looks like my hair is naturally straight-which I also LOVE!  And…it still has enough length on the sides to pull off the sexy look of longer hair, when I need it.  🙂 Come on, you know what I mean.  So I’m back-glad to be here, and will be on the blog-o-sphere more often now. Missed you guys!photo-9.jpgphoto-8.jpgphoto-16.jpg dsc01134.jpg Sorry, I was so lazy.  I didn’t want to upload the last one to flicker so its kinda big, but you’ll get the point that my new hair is much better.  And that’s my fabulous friend D with me.  She’s been in my life for a long time and I don’t know what I’d do without her.  She’s amazingly inspirational and has been a shoulder for me so many times.  I respect and admire her immensely as a mother, stepmother, friend, professional woman…I just really love her!  That pic was from a recent girls night we had.