How do you handle these things?

I’ve been trying lately to not approach text my ex-husband every time my daughter tells me something that really went awry on her weekend with him or on her way to school. (He drives her to school in the morning, he lives a couple blocks from us and I drop her there, since he needs to be at work a bit later than me and I have a much longer commute.  So, she gets to see her Daddy each day).  And I’m really not all that extreme about what bothers me when she’s there.  I just would like her to get fed regularly and go to bed at a decent hour.  Those things are not happening.  Yesterday, she had breakfast around nine thirty or so and then no lunch until McDonalds around three or four.  She said she was so hungry and all they would give her was two puddings.  The girlfriend said, “well we had breakfast late”.  I’m sure that reassured my girl immensely.  My finger is on the “send” button on my Blackberry, as I type…well, not literally.  I don’t think it will really help.  But this week my girl was so distraught about going there that she cried when she left on Friday night.  It’s been years since she hasn’t bounded out of the house, excited for the time with the girlfriends kids.  The choked up little girl face I kissed goodbye, definitely put a damper on any happiness I had about having some downtime this weekend.


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  1. singleworkingmommy
    Apr 14, 2008 @ 22:21:12

    We are definitely in different situations, yet similiar, and I have no advice.

    I’m dealing with the after effects of Son staying at his Dad’s for just a few hours on Sunday. I’ll probably be dealing with it until Wednesday, and then when things start to get better, he’ll go back to his dad’s and things will suck all over again.

    If you figure something out, let me know!


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