4th annual dance recital.

This child has my heart wrapped around her finger. 

She did outrageously well, and I’ll be sure to get the videos up sometime this weekend!

During soccer practice…

This is what Mommy looks like!  I was supposed to be reading my current book, but hey sometimes you have to watch the practice, so you know what to help the munchkin out with later.  

This is our hectic week. The last week of May is always the culmination of a years worth of dance class, in the RECITAL.  It’s no fun for anyone but the dancers.  It’s in a piping hot auditorium, with lots of loud complaining people, none of whom want to watch anyone other than their own children.  I get it…I don’t really want to watch everyone else’s children.  Just mine and my girlfriends. But nevertheless, I’ll be there.  And guess what I’ll be missing-yes, the season finale of LOST.  Ugh.  Not good. 

I’ve got a question to ask my readers, which is where you come into play as my pseudo-counselors.  Remember how I mentioned that my ex-brother-in-law (whom I still like and who is good to B) bought a house just down the road in my development.  A little too close for comfort, even if you LIKE the ex-family member.  Nothing to do now but deal with it.  But it’s rather irritating to see them move in, and completely tear apart the house they just bought, like it’s not worth anything as is.  It’s like HGTV just came into our development and is ripping out every last shred of the house that was once there.  Why not just bulldoze it?  We aren’t talking about a house that needed the overhaul either.  This is a really upscale area and was a nice home.  It could have been worked on during the course of living there.  However, they’ve got both sides of the family, parents, aunts, friends, doing slave labor from morning til night, looking like they’ve been put through the mill when they leave, to get it “ready” to move in.  Seriously, they even are painting spare bedrooms.  I know, I’m being irritable, but it’s just so not me to tear everything apart like that.  I’m wasteful environmentally sometimes, don’t get me wrong, but this just seems like a showy, extravagant…ummm, waste.  Ok, I’m done.  And just for the record, I do like the brother-in-law.  Why is this so annoying to me (and to several others in our development)?  

Eat, Pray, Love-Little B style.

Yes, I’m currently reading this but that phrase fits amply with the photo of the little muffin above.

My little B (not so little anymore, she’s 95 lbs and steadily creeping upwards towards her mother in height (not a huge feat, since I’m slightly exaggerating when I claim to be a whopping 5’4″) and she’s only 8 1/2, is the epitome of a happy person who has really got her inner self in a great spot.  Sure, she has her days sometimes and I get frustrated too, but this kid has figured out something at an early age it’s taken me until age 34 to learn- HAVE FUN!  While reading “Eat, Pray, Love”, I realized that although I strive daily to appreciate all that I have in my life and how blessed I am, my girl tends to do that without even being aware of it.  I’m not sure how to help her hang onto this and God help the person who bitters up that old soul in a spirited youthful body!  She asked me about this book this morning, after having seen it lying around.  When I told her about it, her eyes lit up.  I think she’ll be the one to travel all over when she gets a bit older.  Hopefully she lets me tag along!  

In my late teens and twenties, I, like Elizabeth Gilbert, was always entwined in one or another relationship with a male.  Always some drama, always an attachment.  Does anyone have any ideas how to encourage my daughter to develop her sense of self and to be strong enough to not “need” a man in her life?  I was pretty independent, but I can barely think of a time when I wasn’t somewhat involved with someone on some level, however superficial.  For right now, she’s pretty in love with this one male:

Then again, so am I.  

Another thing, for those of you who don’t know B (this just came to me, because I’m so curious, I’d be just dying to know!  😉  ), do you wonder what her name really is?  Did you figure out it starts with a B?  Did you wager a guess?

I slept HERE last night…

And it was so nice!  Except we aren’t in our normal dock space so we were really close to the restaurant/bar at the marina and it was Ladies Night.  Loud thumping music, but we fell asleep anyway.  😉

I snuggled up with my little princess and slept with her until she slugged me in the head with her sleep flailing.  Then I moved into the aft cabin with the hubby and slept until our alarm went off.  It was so sunny and gorgeous on the lake I SO did not want to come to work but…typical girl moment here, I have a hair appointment up here near work today and no way was I missing THAT!  😉

Sleeping on the boat all weekend with books and some work that I need to get done and hopefully getting a little sun on this pale Irish skin.  And I really, really need some time with New Husband.  🙂  We’ve been so busy and seeing each other at bedtime and breakfast just doesn’t really cut it!

And my little Sullivan dog is a good boater!  He slept all night!


So I have some super-duper, fabulous, there-through it all girlfriends.  I think I’ll do a tribute to them now.  I won’t get through all of them, but I wanted to at least get a new post up!  We’ve been SO busy lately, but more on that later.


I’ve mentioned her before, but Tammy has been with me through it all.  She walked in just as I was delivering the placenta, after B was born (TMI, nah…you’ve been there).  She moved to FL after her divorce (she was married to a friend of my ex-husbands and we bonded pretty quickly).  She has stood the test of time.  She’s loyal to a fault and our bond is like sisterhood (she should know, she has 3 sisters!).  When I’ve had to have surgeries in the past, I always tell her she is in charge of making sure that my ex-husband takes care of my baby and that my girl knows how much I love her, should something happen to me.  B calls her “Aunt Tammy”.

*Jess C.*

She’s stood the test of time as well.  She is the little sister of my ex-husband’s band mate and we worked in the local retail outlets together.  I adore her.  Even if I don’t see her for a year, it doesn’t change a thing.  I’d do anything for her and she for me, and we both know it.  She introduced me to the guy who eventually became my second and last husband.  And when we were apart, she never badmouthed either of us to the other.  That’s huge.

*Jess H.*

I never see my little Jess anymore, but she’s fabulous and should have been my daughter’s godmother.  She’s got morals, she’s beautiful and a genuinely good person.  I miss her all the time.


Oddly enough, I met DeAnn when she dated my ex-husband and my daughter fell in love with her and her two girls.  The ex and she broke up, my baby missed the two girls and Miss DeAnn and we arranged some ballet classes together for the girls.  We hit it off and now say that the reason the ex was brought in our lives was so we could find each other.  We’ve had some rocky spots but it made our friendship all the stronger.  And I love her girls a ridiculous amount.  They are like my other kids.  Our girls are like sisters and we take special girl trips together periodically.  We single-mom’d it for awhile together, several years and now we take vacations and do girl days with the five of us.  Our girls have often said we should all buy a house together, and I have to say, we have definitely contemplated it.


She’s about four years older than me and her life is mine, 4 years into the future.  No joke.  If it happens to her, I can expect I’m going to go through nearly the same thing in 3-4 years.  It’s time tested folks.  Divorce, kids, re-marriage, jobs…all of it.  She’s fabulous and usually the person who gives me the best advice, even when it’s not what I want to hear.  She’s a great mom and I know she parents like me.  She’s a great role model and wonderful friend.  She’s been an inspiration in how to stepparent with ease.

I love those guys.  I have great family and lots of great friends, but these guys are a core that I don’t know where I’d be without them.


Mother’s Day.

My girl always makes the best presents.  Her Dad used to buy me something, so she’d have something to give me, but now she makes such fabulous presents.  I still occasionally make him something for holidays, that is something FROM her…for example some of you may remember the 35th birthday video I made him, all to Tim McGraw’s “My Little Girl”.  I even You Tube’d it.  I think for Father’s Day, I’ll have all of her VHS baby tapes made into DVDs.  I’d like copies on DVD anyway, so I’ll just get two sets and wrap them in a big red ribbon.  Tearjerkers for sure.  

He told me the birthday video was the best present he’d ever received.  Sometimes, he’s still the guy I used to know.

But he certainly doesn’t need to get me a present, she does very well on her own.  In her after-school program, they had jewelry making in class.  She made me a gorgeous little “Mommy” bracelet and some very cool earrings.  Now, mind you I usually wear the same jewelry every day.  My diamond earrings from my MIL (“from one single mother to another”…how could I not wear them daily) and my diamond necklace from when M and I were dating, and my engagement ring, often paired with my Tiffany’s bracelet from M for my birthday in Hawaii this year and my watch which was a Valentine’s gift.  But for the love of my life…well, I wore the bracelet all weekend and the earrings on Sunday.  When she got back from her Dad’s on Sunday she was ecstatic to see I had them on.  I acted so nonchalant, “Well of course I have them on silly?  What did you think I would do with them?  I’m the woman who wore that macaroni necklace to work and this stuff  is actually something I would BUY B-so yeah of course I wore it-it’s gorgeous!”.  And then she gave me the rest of my gifts- a coupon book for Mother’s for various chores, a little card she made, a packet of snapdragon seeds and best of all, a wooden little box with a flower on top, that she had decorated herself!  A perfect home for the new jewelry.  

And coming from this little girl…it means even more.  


She is wearing a pair of my Mother’s pajamas in this photo.  We were at my Mom’s for dinner and she wanted to take a tubby there.  So she put on a pair of Nana’s jammies and decided once we got home that she’d wear them to bed.  And doesn’t Sullivan look like a nice stuffed toy?  That’s about the best picture I can get of him-he’s way too fast and most shots look like this:

Introducing Sullivan.

So it’s definitely a huge love.  🙂 For a very small dog.  

Quick unrelated question.  What do you do, when you deleted blogs to become more anonymous and select and then you get “found”?  But the stalkers don’t tell you that’s how they found you?  You just know from your blogstats and search requests.  It’s frustrating to have that happen after starting a new blog and I don’t want to do that again.

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