Mother’s Day.

My girl always makes the best presents.  Her Dad used to buy me something, so she’d have something to give me, but now she makes such fabulous presents.  I still occasionally make him something for holidays, that is something FROM her…for example some of you may remember the 35th birthday video I made him, all to Tim McGraw’s “My Little Girl”.  I even You Tube’d it.  I think for Father’s Day, I’ll have all of her VHS baby tapes made into DVDs.  I’d like copies on DVD anyway, so I’ll just get two sets and wrap them in a big red ribbon.  Tearjerkers for sure.  

He told me the birthday video was the best present he’d ever received.  Sometimes, he’s still the guy I used to know.

But he certainly doesn’t need to get me a present, she does very well on her own.  In her after-school program, they had jewelry making in class.  She made me a gorgeous little “Mommy” bracelet and some very cool earrings.  Now, mind you I usually wear the same jewelry every day.  My diamond earrings from my MIL (“from one single mother to another”…how could I not wear them daily) and my diamond necklace from when M and I were dating, and my engagement ring, often paired with my Tiffany’s bracelet from M for my birthday in Hawaii this year and my watch which was a Valentine’s gift.  But for the love of my life…well, I wore the bracelet all weekend and the earrings on Sunday.  When she got back from her Dad’s on Sunday she was ecstatic to see I had them on.  I acted so nonchalant, “Well of course I have them on silly?  What did you think I would do with them?  I’m the woman who wore that macaroni necklace to work and this stuff  is actually something I would BUY B-so yeah of course I wore it-it’s gorgeous!”.  And then she gave me the rest of my gifts- a coupon book for Mother’s for various chores, a little card she made, a packet of snapdragon seeds and best of all, a wooden little box with a flower on top, that she had decorated herself!  A perfect home for the new jewelry.  

And coming from this little girl…it means even more.  


She is wearing a pair of my Mother’s pajamas in this photo.  We were at my Mom’s for dinner and she wanted to take a tubby there.  So she put on a pair of Nana’s jammies and decided once we got home that she’d wear them to bed.  And doesn’t Sullivan look like a nice stuffed toy?  That’s about the best picture I can get of him-he’s way too fast and most shots look like this:


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. SingleMomSeeking
    May 14, 2008 @ 19:52:19

    Wow, what an amazingly creative kid you have! I’m so impressed.


  2. singleworkingmommy
    May 14, 2008 @ 22:45:52

    Count me in as impressed, too. And she’s beautiful to boot.

    I also *love* that shot of Sullivan. Too freakin’ cute.


  3. Jolene
    May 14, 2008 @ 22:50:25

    Isn’t it fun to get all those handmade-with-love presents? It looks like you made out quite well this Mother’s Day. Lucky lady.

    OMG, I just want to hug that dog. He is so adorable. Uhh. It almost makes me want to get a dog too. Almost 🙂


  4. Tracy
    May 15, 2008 @ 11:05:42

    Absolutley beautiful! What a lucky mommie you are! 🙂


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