School…(not of Rock).

Sorry, but the posts will be short and sweet.  At least for awhile.  I’ve never, ever, ever been this busy in my whole life.

Teaching Chemistry comes naturally and still is a lot of work, but Physics consumes my life.  I get home and work until bedtime planning, correcting, reading…re-learning.  I’m hanging in there, but just barely.  All for the excitement of a summer off with my girly.

Thanks so much to all of you who have been checking in on me.  I’m still here, just barely reading blogs and not really posting, but I’m going to try to do one a week at least.

B has been very ill, rather unusual since she’s got such a great immune system (don’t you feel like you are cursing yourself by saying something like that?), so I’ve had that on my plate too, but other than that she’s her fabulous self and picking her up every day makes the crazy day a bit better.

In addition, there really are some very nice teenagers out there.  Hardworking, with a strong belief in God.  Some of these kids are nothing like what I remember 16-18 year olds as.  Others…well, I remember those.  It’s a learning curve for me too, but I’m working my butt off!

In January they take the Regents exams and then I get a whole new batch of students!  And only Chemistry for the second semester.  That will be when I can finally breathe and work on creating newer, more fun curriculum.

I sure do miss you guys.  😉