It’s my Birthday!

Today I am 35.  My mom was 35 when I was 15!!!  I remember her being that age.  Hmmm.  Something to ponder.  But I DID wake up with a cold sore tingling on my bottom lip…and just when I’d been saying I didn’t have many in the recent past.  I used to have them often…B gets them…my stepson had one of the worst cases ever this past week.  Actually last night I was applying his medicine before bed and told him I’d be fine because I was washing my hands.  Yep.  Shows just how little I know after 11 years spent working in the viral immunology field.  😉  That unpredictable HSV-1.  Bane of my existence.  How dare you sabotage my little fairy-tale life?

All in all, I’m thrilled it’s my birthday.  After work, my daughter will practice violin, then head to dance class and at 5:30 pm, my parents and my brother and his family will be at my house.  My mom always make me Shephards Pie for my birthday and white cake with 7-minute frosting.  That stuff I wait all year for.  I need to get the recipe.  Last year, one day ago…my grandmother who introduced me to that frosting and who made it for me until she was unable to do so, passed away.  I was flying home from Hawaii and found out about her death when I landed at my Chicago layover.  I had spoken to her before I left and told her I got married the day before…on a beach, in Hawaii!  Can you imagine???  Ok…no tearing up here at work…more later.

My lovely nephews sent me a video this morning…where the older one, my buddy to the max, said “Happy Birthday Aunt Shann…I LOOOOOOOVE you.”.  In that incredibly heart melting voice.  Yep I cried.  No wonder I spoil those two.  Can’t wait to see them tonight.  I’m the new baby’s godmommy…we celebrated the special event on Sunday.  Lucky me…Baby Nate is extra special too.

Anyway, I wanted to give you guys an update…I’m getting better at posting…it’s all uphill from here…it’s finals week of this semester now.  Lots of time to post next week.  And yes, it’s been one year since I was married on Kukio Bay Beach in Hawaii.  Lovely memories.  We’ll be celebrating in a few weeks in St. Maarten.  With the mixed blessing of a kid-free vacation.  Mixed because B and I aren’t good with separation…we don’t really do it much.  And for that length of time or distance…only once before….my 30th birthday trip to Mexico.  I miss her just thinking about it.  But she’s 9 and we’ve been preparing ourselves mentally and I seriously do need a break.  I’ll have to mentally prepare to enjoy it.  🙂

Have a great day ladies and if any of you are on FaceBook, I’d love to add you there…I’m definitely more regular on that one because my BlackBerry gets FB.  Hope all your babies are healthy and happy and all my single mama bloggers are staying strong and raising those powerful people.

Much love to all…



SNOW day-means I can catch up with you guys!

Hey there!  How have you guys been?  I miss you, I’ve been thinking of you, but I’ve been overwhelmed with balancing everything.  The relatively new marriage, living together, blended family, new job, and so on.  BUT I did think about all of you often.  And I’m back.  And I’m going to try to post at least weekly from now on…so will you guys come back?  I miss your daily presence.  I loved when my BlackBerry vibrated and it was you guys replying to a post or commenting or emailing.  My virtual friends rock.  And I miss you…wait I said that already right?

Ok, so if you let me back in this special club, here’s what I’ve got for ya.  I’m almost done, three more weeks to go…of my first semester.  My school does semestering.  Meaning my science students have me every day for eighty minutes…160 on the days they have lab.  Physics has turned out to be the class that is “easier” to teach, even though I don’t know it as well.  I’m guessing that it’s because I have been learning more right along with them.  Chemisty is my stronger subject, but I have younger kids in that one and some of them really don’t want to be there.  After teaching college, I have to say discipline and motivating is not something I really was used to having to do.  That’s the part I DON’T like.

I’m excited to say that next semester from February to June I only have Chemistry and the corresponding labs.  Which is sweet and should allow me a bit more time.  Especially since I have all the PowerPoints pretty much done.  This semester I made them as I went for each topic.  Ugh.

On another note, I’m thinking of finishing out this year and heading back to the two hour daily commute (as opposed to this new two minute one) and my old job.  I miss it and the people too much.  As far as how this job has affected my time with Miss B and our lives together, that’s the next post I swear.  It’s been mixed really.  Not as much of a blessing as I’d thought, but a blessing nonetheless.  She’s in on the decision to go back to my old job.  By the way, the girl is FABULOUS.  Kids raised by single mamas are just so thoughful, generous, grateful and most of all KIND.  And beautiful.  Inside and out.  I’m in love with my 9 year old daughter…even when she’s grouchy.  Oh yeah, and we’ve had the SEX talk!  I can’t wait to update you on THAT one.  The girl is just too smart.  Pictures will follow too, I promise.  And by the way, she looks 14.  You won’t believe it.

By the way, who has a BlackBerry?  Email me your PIN ladies please…I’d like to have the instant ability to BB message with you.  It’s faster and so accessible.

I’m going to go browse YOUR blogs now.  And catch up on your lives…gosh what if you guys are all married and blogless now…that will stink…I gotta go find you.  Right away.