I’ve been slacking again!  I’m headed to St. Maarten on Friday and I wanted to get a post in…but who knows, maybe I’ll actually have time to post while I’m there!


I wanted to talk about Twilight.  Although it was targeted to a teen audience, I read those books so fast, it was like they were magazines.  And I dragged the husband to the movie.  😉  I joke that he officially lost his “man card” on that one.  So, let’s talk about it…all my girlfriends lament over the fact that guys aren’t more like Edward.  What do you think?  Are there some Edwards out there?  Are we too picky?  I think even when we’ve got it really good, there are still things about our significant other, that just aren’t what we dream of when we think of marriage, as a child.  I know this because my daughter talks about what her “prince” will be like…and I tell her that we need to not set the bar so high.  We shouldn’t make a cookie cutter “Edward”…appreciate people for all of their different attributes.

But anyway…don’t ya just love Edward?