A way belated tag…

Little mans mom, http://littlemansmom.wordpress.com/2008/08/23/taggedpart-deux/,  tagged me way back in August and I’m not sure how I missed it.  I usually do my tags.  Sorry about the links…here at work they block nearly everything so it’s like primitive blocking.  Even with the password I can’t fix that one.

So I’m supposed to give you six words that define me, here goes:

1. Mom – I can’t think of anything that defines me more.  I’ll say it again…she is every single reason for everything I’ve done, ever since the evening she was conceived.  I’m guessing, no, scratch that, I know, that she will continue to be the reason in my life for all of my days.  No one else has had such influence on who I have become and who I want to be.

2. Independent-This would count as a flaw.  I’m horribly independent, I don’t want help, I’ll do it my way because it’s the only way that works.  Yeah I know, very foolish and I’m trying to squash it a little so I can keep my marriage (I married a nurturing, I’ll-take-care-of-you sort of man), but it’s who I am and it’s who I have always been.

3. Dreamer-That one may never change.  I still dream about so many things and even imaginary things.  Like I wish vampires existed, not just Edward, but vampires in general.  I wish the monogamous marriage had not gone by the wayside…my parents have one, why don’t more people?  I wish peace on earth was or could be a reality, but given human nature I think it’s not likely.  I dream about everything.  I want to try tons of jobs and be tons of different people.  I want to just lie around and dream.  It’s what I do well.  I dream about the day I’ll send B to college, down the aisle, into the delivery room for her own little bundle…I dream big, little…I just dream.  All the time.  I dream that one day…the Notebook will become a reality for every sappy chick like me.  And I’ve got it really good…but still, I dream.

4. OCD/Perfectionist– Not really the same thing but I didn’t want to waste two words on semi-similar things.  The OCD is consuming.  I’ve read tons of books in the last decade on it, I have it under control, but it’s what makes me intolerant of others on some level.  I’m really getting a handle on it, but it’s in my genes.  And I do not like things done if they aren’t done right.  Why bother?  This would also be why teaching notoriously lazy teens, isn’t the job for me after all.

5. Sporty– I like doing anything sporty and anything outside.  Swimming, hiking, running, gardening (not sporty but I still love it), playing with my dog, trampolining with B, jet skiing, mountain biking, rollerblading, soccer.  My life has been defined by the fact that I had (and still have) very athletic parents.  In my world, we don’t go to gyms…the world is our gym.  Sometimes when I’m feeling my muscles tighten on my daily run, I’ll chant my Dad’s old Marine corps saying “Pain is just weakness leaving the body”…and he’d be proud, because it gets me through some more miles.  Didn’t snowboard at all this year!!!  But we’ll go back to it…it’s been more of an ice-skating kinda year for B and I.  I’m not a pushy mom…and she wasn’t all gung-ho for it on the weekends it was nice enough to go.  It can wait.  🙂

6. Technological-I love gadgets and science and all the toys that go along with anything…cooking, running…whatever.  I love reading about gadgets, playing with gadgets, fixing them….it’s fun to me.  I have a male brain.  I don’t need much cuddling or bringing me flowers, I’m very rarely emotional over anything in the everyday life and I’d rather have a new Apple product than most anything else.

All done!


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