It’s amazing how in a relationship we change and adapt to each other.  New Husband and I were talking last night (while loading the dishwasher) about the positive effects each of us has had on the other.  Inadvertently, he has influenced me into being more of a homebody than ever before (maybe by making our home so happy and appealing to be in) and I’ve influenced him to be more technologically inclined, and hopefully, a bit more tolerant of others choices.

We joked about how, if I had gone on to med school as I’d wanted to, how things would have changed and if we would have eventually met each other.  I told him, that if I had went to a bigger college in NYC, I’m sure I would have been completely a different person.  Our environment really shapes who we are and who we become.  This really shows me how critical it is for all of us to have our children in positive environments that adequately reflect the values we want them to have.  THAT would be why, even on the evening when I’m dead exhausted and already went running, and B comes up to me and really wants to go for a rollerblade before bed…I hesitate (but only for a millisecond) and go grab our skates and helmets.  I want her to choose exercise and a healthy lifestyle because it’s fun and not because of any of the plethora of reasons other people choose it.  I also go along with her plans to “make a difference” because those are the values I want to embody for her.

Embracing the changes in your life, creates the new you, the one that you haven’t even dreamt about yet.


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  1. jenn
    Apr 27, 2009 @ 17:10:04

    Love this post. It’s very true. I’m trying, even at Shiloh’s young age, to teach her healthy habits, so that she finds them fun.

    And I also think it’s great how a relationship (like you and your husband) can bring out the best in each other, when it’s a healthy relationship.


  2. Vinomom
    Apr 27, 2009 @ 23:18:22

    I recently joined a gym and to be able to go I have to let my daughter stay until the absolute last minute at daycare after school. I asked her if she minded, and told her I was trying to get in shape and be skinny again. She was very understanding. I’m not trying to teach her vanity. I hope I am teaching that you have to take some “me” time and how important physical activity is!


  3. littlemansmom
    May 06, 2009 @ 12:22:54

    Thank you for this post…’s an awesome time for me to read it!


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