Non-social runner…

I’m not usually a social kind of work out girl.  My running is very private and if I have shared a run with you, it speaks very highly of my relationship with you.  I did several training runs with my mother as she trained for her first half-marathon and met a lovely girl on MY first half-marathon with whom I ran with most of the way.  I run occasionally with my husband, especially weekend trail runs, but not so much training runs.

However last night was actually too hot for even me to run!  (Weather never stops me-but we are currently under heat advisory).  As I was ready to head out on my bike ride as a cross training method, I texted one of my oldest, dearest friends and told her I’d be down her way if she wanted to join.  She wrote right back that she’d be on the front porch.  Lucky me!  It’s about 3 miles to her house, so I met her (was greeted by a lovely ice cold tall glass of water and her company).  We then did about 5-6 miles together, chatting all the way and then I stopped at her porch again for more water and more excellent conversation and then headed back my way.  It was just about 12 miles of sweaty fun!  Even better, it was a social outing, which are all too few these days.  I don’t get to see my closest friends nearly enough.  (Yeah, I have skipped a few Girls Nights for the last few months).  Gone are the days when I would go out dancing and drinking for social interaction.  This totally kicked the skirt off of those days.  🙂  Thanks Di!  Totally different workout for me than running, but can’t wait for more-maybe next time I’ll make it a brick and still get a couple miles running in after.

(My lovely daughter was down the street swimming with my ex’s little brother and his family-she loves to get some time with her adorable two little cousins!  They even took her to get ice cream.  I’m very blessed to have such good ex-inlaws. 🙂 ).


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