Sleep disturbance?

My eight year old little girl is having sleep troubles.  Can you help?  I’m wondering if it’s hormonal, as she’s definitely starting to go through some mild changes of that fashion. Has anyone else experienced this?


She’s going to bed at her normal time, same routine.  She usually fell right asleep, taking a maximum of ten to fifteen minutes after lights out, to be really asleep.  And then she had no night waking (except rare bouts of sickness or nightmares).  She’s not stalling.  She just lies there for an hour or two and can not fall asleep.  She’s tired, she’s yawning, she’s trying.  But it’s not happening.  I’ve tried all the standard stuff, but I’m at a loss.  She gets out of bed after two hours to tell me she can’t sleep.  Or that she was asleep and woke up.  When I go in around 10:30 or 11:00 to kiss her she sits up and kisses me back.  Weird.  The girl usually sleeps so soundly I could throw a major bash and she’d sleep right through it all.  

She’s exhausted in the morning.  And I’m getting stressed out worrying about it.  And the new husband is not helpful here.  It’s one area I’m painfully aware that no matter if we got married…I’ll always be a “single mother”.  (Yay).  I’m defending her saying she’s not stalling and he’s saying “Who is the boss here?  Who is in charge?”.  It’s not like when his son gets out of bed one hundred times to try and avoid bedtime.  B LIKES bedtime!  She’s confused by this too.  I’m dreading the start of braces/headgear/palate expander in the next few weeks…if she can’t sleep now…….?