10 GOOD things about a long commute.

So I’ll be back on the one-hour, one-way daily commute August 31st.  I’m so grateful to be getting out of teaching high school Chemistry and Physics that the commute will be a gift-at least for awhile.  But since I know that eventually it will be tough to tolerate the 2 hours daily out of my life (but I’m still home by 5 every day), I’m making a list to look back upon as a reminder.

Here are the positives about having an hour before and after work in my car.

10. Sometimes it’s really fun to stop at a little convenience store and get a yummy snack.  I don’t do it all that much, but when I do it’s a treat for the ride home.

9.Plenty of time to think about new blogging and writing concepts.

8. I get to walk in the doors of the building where I worked for 11 years and see the people who have supported me and been like family, since 2 years before my daughter was born.  I can’ t tell you how hard it was to leave and how much I’ve missed them.

7. My favorite hairdresser is in the town where I work.  Not to mention my gynocologist.  Much easier to get to those guys.  I need a good haircut.  No one is the same as my P.

6. I have plenty of time to mentally organize my life.

5.  It keeps me off FaceBook and email for at least two hours a day.  Well, sort of…I still receive messages from both on my BlackBerry.

4.  Coffee.  I get an extra cup on the ride in and get to listen to the news.  It’s lovely.

3.  It’s great thinking time.  I love to reminisce about my past and it’s a long enough time that I can have a good cry if I want and still be presentable by the time I arrive.  Sometimes I know I need a bawl session (I am so not a public crier, so this really helps to destress, I know it sounds nuts but having a place for it helps me keep myself together).

2.  Music.  Music.  Music.  This 5-10 minute commute has left me no time for one of my biggest loves-my iPod.  And NPR.  And current radio stations.  I can’t wait to listen to music again.  I really don’t have many other points in my day where it fits in.  Running is about it… and I don’t always run with music.

1. I will be going every day to a workplace I love instead of one I dread before I even set foot in the front doors, and working for a cause I believe in and a place I feel passionate about.  I won’t sell out again.

Those who can do…

So I’m leaving teaching.  I do not like it.  I’m not going to finish up the certification to finish out my Masters in the content (it’s pricey and involves lots of jumping through ridiculous hoops, as NYS is prone to require of it’s working people).  I will not do this job again.  I don’t like it…it’s boring and my brain needs some intellectual stimulation.  And crap.  I feel like I’ve been off half the year.  I thought I had minimal social interaction as a scientist, but there is even less as a teacher.  Unless you count my silly teenage Chemistry students.  Teaching college was fun…this, well I don’t even know what I would categorize this as.

I’m going back to my old job.  I had an “interview” on Monday.  It went remarkably well.  It was to work for two new investigators coming in…on a new system, a parasite that is a tremendous problem for developing countries.  And to be their lab manager for both labs.  It sounded like such a good fit and I even broached the whole possiblity of working part-time status, with 3 ten hour days and it was not dismissed…even stated as a very likely possiblity.  Also, it wouldn’t need me on regular schedule until some point in August, so I could still have this summer off with my girl.  It all sounds so good…the three days a week I work, B will have to get a sitter who can pick her up from school and stay with her for an hour or two.  And she’ll have to get up for school and get dressed, since I’ll leave before she’s up, three days a week.  We talked about it and she’s fine, since I’ll be home two more days a week now.  She’s going to be ten when this all happens and my husband will make sure she’s up and fed for school.  He already drops her at her Daddy’s house so he can bring her to school each day.  Hopefully this all falls into place as nicely as it sounds.  I’m so excited to get back to work.  And very grateful to all the people who are helping to make that happen.

And hopefully, I’ll have lots more time to blog!

Cramming for school.

So it’s a done deal.  I took the job.  

Thanks to all of you who helped and supported and weighed in on this major decision.  I’m now fully preparing for the upcoming school year teaching Chemistry (which I taught college chem labs for the last five years so I’m not feeling as nervous about that) and Physics (eek, not my normal subject area and it’s been years since I’ve dealt with it, so I’m studying up extra hard).  The first half of the year it’s Chem and Physics every day and the Regents in January.  Then the next half of the year it’s just Chemistry.  The same one I will have taught in the first semester.  So that at least should be easier.  It’s just the first half of the year that will be overwhelming.  But I’m up for it-I’m going to get as much planned ahead as I can.

Any teachers out there?  Any science teachers?  Anyone want to help out? 😉  

How do you all prepare for a  new job, where you don’t know anybody???