Not talking about underwear here, folks.

So on Monday, I finally succumbed to a temptation I’ve long harbored.  I went with a boy cut.  And my stylist said I’m her “most daring client”.  Granted, I wore my hair in a bun or pony nearly every day, so I knew basically what it would look like.  Needless to say it was heartwrenching to see my hair fall down and feel the lack of hair on the back of my head.  It’s funky and cute and very carefree.  I’ve done short hair before, but this is the shortest I’ve gone.  I Googled Jessica Stroup’s hair debuted in May 2010 (not her bob, but her newer pixie style crop) and loved it.  Brought the pic to my hairdresser and she worked her magic.  People are raving, I mean seriously raving, over my hair.  I like the way it makes my face look-but I’m still hesitant to say I’ll keep it.  I think I’m going to grow it out to be a bit more like Jessica Stroup’s hair prior to this cut…just a more comfortable length for me.  BUT, it was so cute in a wide cloth headband for my track workouts last night.  Which is so when you want to look good, right?  And I shaved a few seconds off my 400m intervals, on average.  That hair must have been holding me back.  I can tell myself that anyway.

My daughter really was not about my hair.  She’s getting used to it, only by the consolation that I gave her “It’s only hair honey.  Mine grows fast and I’ve always wanted to try this out…it’s just fun for a few months”.  She’s such a Taylor Swift loving long hair advocate.  And here, is a pic for you.

It looks different depending on what I do with it-that’s the neat part.  It can be so varied.  Today it’s girly and in a headband.  And it’s super, super, super easy.  Friends have mentioned how “brave” I am.  Really?  It grows.  I don’t think this constitutes bravery really.  It could be a bob by Christmas.  What do you guys think?  It’s lovely for running.  And since I’m officially on my training program for a half marathon again-it’s nice.  I love being in training…well at least the first 6-7 weeks of it.

And her pride in her country goes on…

The girl knows no bounds.  I shipped her off to her Daddy’s like this today:

I’m preppy, a bit more conservative…not nearly as well accessorized.  This girl pulls it all together in a flashy, glam, trendy way.  It’s nice to see that most of my tomboy-ness did not wear off.  She’s the perfect mix.  She’s going to fireworks tonight with her Dad’s family (it’s his weekend darn it), and we took her via boat to see some last night.  Sitting on the front of the boat, talking about well, really nothing at all, I got to thinking how our traditions change depending on who we are with.  With my new husband, we take his sister and her husband and our two lovely nieces out on the boat tonight, along with his parents, to watch fireworks.  That’s obviously a new one.  B and I have always celebrated on our own or at a BBQ with my parents before now.  Divorce changed our normal routine of going to the parades and family things all together.  

What are your 4th of July traditions?  Have they changed over time?


I will never change our Christmas ones.  For some reason those seem much more concrete.