During soccer practice…

This is what Mommy looks like!  I was supposed to be reading my current book, but hey sometimes you have to watch the practice, so you know what to help the munchkin out with later.  

This is our hectic week. The last week of May is always the culmination of a years worth of dance class, in the RECITAL.  It’s no fun for anyone but the dancers.  It’s in a piping hot auditorium, with lots of loud complaining people, none of whom want to watch anyone other than their own children.  I get it…I don’t really want to watch everyone else’s children.  Just mine and my girlfriends. But nevertheless, I’ll be there.  And guess what I’ll be missing-yes, the season finale of LOST.  Ugh.  Not good. 

I’ve got a question to ask my readers, which is where you come into play as my pseudo-counselors.  Remember how I mentioned that my ex-brother-in-law (whom I still like and who is good to B) bought a house just down the road in my development.  A little too close for comfort, even if you LIKE the ex-family member.  Nothing to do now but deal with it.  But it’s rather irritating to see them move in, and completely tear apart the house they just bought, like it’s not worth anything as is.  It’s like HGTV just came into our development and is ripping out every last shred of the house that was once there.  Why not just bulldoze it?  We aren’t talking about a house that needed the overhaul either.  This is a really upscale area and was a nice home.  It could have been worked on during the course of living there.  However, they’ve got both sides of the family, parents, aunts, friends, doing slave labor from morning til night, looking like they’ve been put through the mill when they leave, to get it “ready” to move in.  Seriously, they even are painting spare bedrooms.  I know, I’m being irritable, but it’s just so not me to tear everything apart like that.  I’m wasteful environmentally sometimes, don’t get me wrong, but this just seems like a showy, extravagant…ummm, waste.  Ok, I’m done.  And just for the record, I do like the brother-in-law.  Why is this so annoying to me (and to several others in our development)?