Loungy weekends rule.

I love my weekends on the lake.  I’m lazy, there isn’t laundry to do.  The boat is already clean.  I read.  Swim.  And play with my little Sullivan, the Maltese of all Maltese.  😉  When my daughter is gone, I relax with my puppy and my books and my lake.  I don’t own the lake.  I wish I did…I swear I’d share it.  The feeling of peace I get out there for those two days is something I’d like to hand on a silver platter to all the stressed, struggling, single moms out there.  


I’ll take your kids while you go enjoy it.  😉  Especially the little ones under five.  I don’t ever get nearly enough of those anymore.  Well, except my nephew.  Who is just lovely.  I love you too Gabe.  😉  And I WILL eat your toes.  Aunt Shannon loves your baby toes.  Is that why you hold them out to me with that slick two year old smile and say “Ummmm, TOES???”.  

And watching my very own Prince Charming strip off that shirt and dive in the lake when it gets a bit too warm.  Priceless.  I will never tire of that sight.  I remember missing it while we were broken up for a few years and I make sure not to take advantage of it now.  


Where I most love to be…

Besides just about anywhere with my girl-is on this lake. And rowing Sullivan off to the shore so he can do his business, getting this view on the way back: And especially when he wears the lifejacket he hates so much, yet looks so cute in (you can carry him like a purse!  It’s a riot!): Doesn’t he look mad at me? But do I ever miss this little girl…she’s on vacation with her Daddy.  She just called me at work…and all I do is cry the whole time she’s gone.  I seriously need to deal with this better.  How will I ever handle college? She’s my favorite person to be with and the most enjoyable person I know.  Yikes…maybe I should have married HER!