I slept HERE last night…

And it was so nice!  Except we aren’t in our normal dock space so we were really close to the restaurant/bar at the marina and it was Ladies Night.  Loud thumping music, but we fell asleep anyway.  😉

I snuggled up with my little princess and slept with her until she slugged me in the head with her sleep flailing.  Then I moved into the aft cabin with the hubby and slept until our alarm went off.  It was so sunny and gorgeous on the lake I SO did not want to come to work but…typical girl moment here, I have a hair appointment up here near work today and no way was I missing THAT!  😉

Sleeping on the boat all weekend with books and some work that I need to get done and hopefully getting a little sun on this pale Irish skin.  And I really, really need some time with New Husband.  🙂  We’ve been so busy and seeing each other at bedtime and breakfast just doesn’t really cut it!

And my little Sullivan dog is a good boater!  He slept all night!