Do you make your kid go to church?

B made her First Communion last year.  We’re practicing Catholics.  She’s such a good girl, but this is the face I get before church:

(I totally remember feeling this way as a child).

Maybe because her Mommy bought her this, and she wants to stay home and play with the two eight-year-old neighbor girls:

I can see it right out my bedroom window, and from the kitchen, so it’s perfectly situated!



Our youngest.

This is our youngest.  We became the proud parents of her, our youngest, last September.  However, we continued use of our “old” boat and left her at the shop because it was nearly time to winterize for the harsh NY winters.  We went to this shop browsing, hoping to see a similar, used boat that we’d found online.  This was parked out front.  It was bigger, brand new and exactly the colors we wanted.  Alas, the other boat was down in the water somewhere and hey, how about before we go look at that we take a peek at that gorgeous one out front?  The rest is history.  



One thing to know about my new husband and I is that in our prior relationship almost 4 years ago, we were on the boat every single time we were together.  We shared the most romantic moments of our lives on that boat and created a remarkable bond.  It wasn’t broken even in the two years apart, where we thought we might never be together again.  (But both secretly hoped we would be).  We were a blind date, and that’s a story that MUST be told for another day…once I’m done my whole divorce reflection that you guys are hungering for more of!

So our boat is pivotal and a huge part of our lives.  We needed more sleeping room.  In this one, we have our own “room”.  Each kid has their own bed.  So we can’t wait for our days on the lake.  Soon enough, mid-May, we have our first lesson with our new girl and take her to her home at our marina.  We’ve already got the personalized towels and I’m starting to shop for all the bedding and dinnerware.  (We already have the plastic wineglasses!).  And lucky me, my husband chose to name her after me.  🙂  Actually, after a pet name he created for me…and it will have two shamrocks on either side of the name.  We went to the graphic design guy last week to get it all set.  Exciting! 

And the playset is nearly done.  Can’t believe he built it all by himself!