Cramming for school.

So it’s a done deal.  I took the job.  

Thanks to all of you who helped and supported and weighed in on this major decision.  I’m now fully preparing for the upcoming school year teaching Chemistry (which I taught college chem labs for the last five years so I’m not feeling as nervous about that) and Physics (eek, not my normal subject area and it’s been years since I’ve dealt with it, so I’m studying up extra hard).  The first half of the year it’s Chem and Physics every day and the Regents in January.  Then the next half of the year it’s just Chemistry.  The same one I will have taught in the first semester.  So that at least should be easier.  It’s just the first half of the year that will be overwhelming.  But I’m up for it-I’m going to get as much planned ahead as I can.

Any teachers out there?  Any science teachers?  Anyone want to help out? 😉  

How do you all prepare for a  new job, where you don’t know anybody???



So yesterday when I went to pick up my daughter from her after-school program, she and her little friend K, told me that I must go out in the hall since they really needed to talk to me.  Oh boy.  So I knew they had gotten in trouble.  B has a very strong fear of disappointing me and I could read it on her face that she was nervous.  So they proceeded in the hall to tell me they had gotten referrals (heretofore referred to as CDR’s) and that their teacher would be calling their parents tonight.  I was alarmed and asked what they did, since B is normally a teacher’s delight, aside from the chatty mouth!  Well apparently they had been in the girls bathroom and decided that boosting each other up over the edges of the stalls was fun.  They weren’t trying to spy on anyone, they were just being silly.  With boys, this may have been considered normal.  It was just typical 8-year-old behavior.  As a safety concern I could see why they had been reprimanded.  Better yet, some other girl had gone back and squealed on them and that’s how they got caught! My little princess actually cried in front of the teacher and the other little girl told me “B was crying and our teacher didn’t even CARE!”.  I’m all about emotions, but seriously B, why were you crying?  Cry when you have a legitimate reason.  I told her this and then another girl walks over and I was asking the girls about CDR’s and they said “Yeah well, ask HER!  She’s the bad kid, she’s had like fifteen CDR’s”.  Of course I scolded them and asked them not to speak to her like that and she told me “No, it’s true.  I’m a bad kid.  I do have that many”.  When I mentioned that I would deal with B later and decide an appropriate punishment, this little girl told me that her Daddy makes her kneel on metal grates or hits her with his belt.  Ok, so that doesn’t seem to be working Mr. Self-Professed Bad-Girls Daddy.  I informed her after she told me she liked being a Bad Girl, that there weren’t bad children per se, just bad behaviors and we need to make wiser choices.  (I’m not totally sure I believe that one anymore after some previous experiences with kids, but I hold true to it with kids I know well enough).  

So, isn’t it kind of funny how right now this is B’s biggest crime?  I had to cover my laughter when I was disciplining her because it just didn’t seem all that BAD to me.

And I never did get that phone call from the teacher.  What is that…a scare tactic?